Why your business needs a website

by Zane Bērziņa
Nowadays, an online presence is a must. Basically, your business does not exist unless it can be easily found on the Internet. 
Many entrepreneurs tend to have a false impression that Websites are dead. That consumers prefer to only use Instagram and Facebook for finding information about products/services, reviews, images and so on. However, statistics show that almost 70% of small businesses rely on Websites to connect with their Customers (clutch.co, 2018) and 57% of mobile users will not recommend a business if their website is either unresponsive or not so well designed (Sweor, 2017). 

This topic might even be more relatable to you if your business does e-commerce since it has been found that, yes, people browse through mobile apps and websites, however, in most cases the final purchases are still made on desktop. In numbers, 56% of revenue comes through purchases made on desktop, 12% on tablets and 32% on mobile devices. (wolfgangdigital.com, KPI 2019 report)

And the first impression most certainly matters! So, stay with us to find out the main reasons why to consider setting up a web site and how not having one might eventually harm your future business performance. 

P.S. the following article will be helpful also to those who do have a web site, but are willing to upgrade it.

Main reasons to finally get yourself a Website

1. Save yourself some time
On your website, you should reflect the very basics of your business. That is, your product or service - who are you, where are you based, what are your business values? This is your chance to set everything straight. Most importantly, you’ll want to answer their most commonly asked questions (FAQ). This way — you can save time and spendings on Customer Support. 

2. It’s not as complex and expensive as you think
One of the most common reasons why business owners claim they don’t need a website is that they think it’s expensive and simply not worth it. Of course, for very small and basic business entities - it might be the case. However, if you are a forwardly looking entrepreneur planning to market your business in the long term, you should be willing to make the investment. Change the perspective a bit! It’s not simply an expense, it’s way more.

3.  Having a website will bring you more customers and money.
Website serves as a tool for interaction. Potential customers will take the information found on your website more credible than what is found on forums, ads or social media. 
Make it easy to get in touch with you. Use tools such as contact forms, chat apps or offer a chance to sign up for a newsletter. Show that you care and that you are willing to engage! 
Express the willingness to immediately discuss your next potential project together, or give a test user experience to their new home appliance. There are millions of fruitful ways to use a website for your own benefit. Get creative!

B2B Marketing

It has been found that on average, before making a significant purchase or reaching out to the salesman, the customer makes 10-12 online searches which is, honestly, a very significant part of the buying process. 

A research by Forrester (2016) found that search channels are the top sources of information at all stages of the customer life cycle. So, if you are able to do a good job in making it easy for your potential or existing customer to find you and the answers to their questions, - you’ll win in the long run.
This topic is in close relation to brand awareness and effective brand communication, which leads to the fourth observation: 

4. Your Website serves as your Nr. 1 salesperson
You should consider your website as your business’ digital shop / digital showroom in case you’re selling, for instance, home appliances, furniture or even cars. 
In case you have established a B2B enterprise and do not have a website yet, you’re missing out on a significant flow of revenue. Also, take into account the optimization tools such as SEO or SEM that, if correctly set up, can bring you tons of new, paying customers depending on your business model and set up sales funnel. Consider these aspects:


This was shortly discussed above. Stating that customers will find the information found on your web site more credible than what can be found elsewhere online. There are plenty of ways to go about this. 
The more original and creative the format of the message you want to send, the better the chances of converting your visitor in a paying customer. 
Consider setting up a Blog sub-page, establish relationships with Influencers, well known celebrities or respected professionals of the industry you’re in. 
Use this chance to present your brand’s identity. 


Your virtual show room, your virtual salesperson (= your web site) is available 24/7 all around the globe. Where else could you find such a non-stoppable resource for answering all your customers' questions or all your Potential customers’ inquiries. This allows you to engage with almost no effort, at least at the first steps of the purchase path.
To cover up, today setting up a web site is not a huge investment. Moreover, it’s 100% guaranteed to be beneficial for both your existing and potential clients and most importantly - to your business' results. 
In case you are ready to set your business on a new level, contact us right away and let’s get it started!