On-Demand app for your business?

by Gints Osis

Welcome to 2020, the era of fast and seamless delivery experience. As the need for innovation and new products grows by passage of time, so does the impatience for speedy on-demand services delivered right to your door. The industry is booming. Every day investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups are looking for ways to either invest in on-demand apps, develop ones or transform already existing business ideas into on-demand platforms.

On-demand economy may first have an impression of such apps like Uber, Airbnb or Paypal. However, today entrepreneurs are being more and more creative by delivering all sorts of demand based services, such as cleaning, maintenance, coaching and even medical services. These types of services have become an essential part of our lives.

Thanks to our expertise and experience in developing on-demand type of apps and service provider platforms, we at Moove have gathered our own insights about the industry, its key features and elements.

On-demand services are here to stay

It is estimated that the revenues generated by on-demand service providers (or also known as shared economy) will amount to $335 billion by 2025. Flexibility and speed are the lead requirements for a satisfactory consumer experience today. And luckily for you, people's willingness to pay a fee for these two qualities is only growing.


Key benefits of on-demand apps

Speed & Compactness:

It’s no longer a matter of taking the car, going to the restaurant, ordering, having to wait for the order and so on. It’s a matter of seconds (in case you know what you are craving) or a few minutes at worst.

All the processes - payment, planning, re-scheduling and reviewing orders can be done within one single app. Need to make changes? - It’s a matter of a couple of taps and buttons. All within one app.

Convenience & Clarity:

Questions like how long till delivery or what is the payment method will no longer bother you and take your time. Fast delivery & order placement is only one of the benefits of such apps, along with it comes real-time tracking, convenient and easy forms of payment, the possibility to oversee and modify your orders as well as easy communication systems, for instance, chatbots.

The clarity and transparency that on-demand platforms offer come with various gains, one of those being founding of trust and successful user experience that brings new and repeated orders. 

Rapid expansion:

An easy and understandable access to the market will open the doors to larger groups of customers. Geographical distance and timezone is no longer a barrier to trade. On-demand apps ensure rapid expansion, they are also considered to be cheaper to implement in new markets. The main costs would be marketing and promotion. Regulations and laws on such apps are also becoming more and more friendly.

Connect with the audience:

An all-in-one platform, a business app, gives you the freedom to connect with your customers. Why not use it as a marketing channel? Once you have built a sound customer base, use it as a tool to reach out. Send push notifications, create surveys and polls - get to know your clients. Gathering feedback and insights directly from your customer base will make sure the data is trustable and therefore, - highly valuable. 

Where should I start?

Perhaps business expansion and willingness to beat the competition has been on your mind for quite some time, however, you do not know where to begin? 

There are undeniable reasons to support the opinion that on-demand platforms offer enhanced user-centricity and trust in your services. Eventually, leading to increased sales, larger audiences and improved visibility.


At Thinkitive, we break the barrier of time and cost to enable innovative and cutting-edge solutions for your business. Having done the heavy lifting and implemented similar systems using our set of frameworks, you can bring your idea to life in a matter of weeks not years. 


It is about time to bring your services to a new level, for whom our expertise and production-ready solutions are ready to serve. Let’s chat?